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What is an LMFT?

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) are mental health specialists who treat and diagnose a host of disorders related to psychotherapy and mental health. For this reason MFTs are held to strict licensure requirements.


A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist has a Master's degree in Psychology and has had at least 3,000 hours supervised clinical work experience, and has passed a state-certified licensing exams. Along with a year long practicum and internship; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists are required to complete clinical training in individual, child and family therapy. They are also required by California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to complete 36 continuing education units every two years.

It is important to note that all California Licensed LCSW’s, LMFT’s, LPCC's and Psychologists are all qualified to provide psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and family groups. What matters most is your personal connection to the therapist and their experience treating your area of concern.

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