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Therapy for graduate students

and pre-licensed clinicians

 I thought it is all about my future clients!    

Yes, it is so easy to think that provision of psychotherapy is only about our education, training, experience.

Among many facets of psychotherapy, deep self-reflection and self- awareness of a clinician can be one of the most important ones for an effective clinician.

On top of academic pressure and Juggling with other parts of your life, being in the process of becoming a therapist takes a lot of tenaciousness and self-introspection. In addition, a slight hint of self-doubt about the journey to be a helper might visit you unannounced from time to time. These are all the experiences or pain (?) psychotherapists encounter in order to grow and mature as a strong therapist.


So we need more support and guidance from others as we progress through this journey. Your personal psychotherapy can be a solid foundation for your profession and a place of solace in which you learn about yourself, dealing with your possible countertransference for the future. The emotional validations other fellow travelers on this journey provide would give more competence and self-assurance before dedicating your valuable work for other people and making all about your future clients.

Fee for an individual session:  $85 (50 minutes) 

Fee for a group session:  $50 (at least 4 people) 

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